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1. Thoughtless Gift (Lada Obradovic)
2. Last Flight Over Horizon (Lada Obradovic)
3. Regret (Lada Obradovic)
4. Broken Watch (David Tixier)
5. Only This And Nothing More (Lada Obradovic)

David Tixier (FR) - piano, keyboard, DSP, voice, compositions
Lada Obradovic (CRO) - drums, keyboard, DSP, voice, compositions 

Recorded at Fondation l'Abri; Geneva , Switzerland
October 2017

Recorded by David Weber (except track 5 - Josephine Nagorsnik at HKB, Bern, Switzerland)

Mixed and mastered by Pippo Corvino at Burrow Studio

Design by BLOK4

EP 2017

SKU: EP2017
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