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The David Tixier Piano Solo Project is a journey that transcends innumerable worlds and eras of time. All the worlds are anchored by the same foundation, one that is charged with limitless imagination and an insatiable passion for narrating stories. 

The album title, “The Giant Corners”, personifies a melody that chronicles the life of a giant that is immovably stuck in a small universe—a small box with four minuscule corners called “Earth”. 

The plot metaphorically conveys man’s capacity for an unbounded and immeasurable potential for imagination and creativity; each mind has the capacity to cast and project itself unto any envisioned reality. Wherein, one’s only true barriers to this unbounded capacity are the current limitations of reality; these limitations are that of the “Giant Corners”. 

In articulating the narrative through musical dialogue, David Tixier has partnered with the talented American singer Sachal Vasandani;

Vasandani will chronicle the tale of the Giant through his voice among other creative stories in the Project. Vasandani’s voice complements Tixier’s dimensions and the duo have produced a truly unique ensemble through their pairing.

© Photo by Manuel Devier


Sachal is recognized for his singular voice, with a tone and unique phrasing that mark him as one of the most compelling voices on the scene today.

His latest record, the groundbreaking SLOW MOTION MIRACLES, showcases original music- fantastic melodies in a new style that feature Sachal’s voice and poetic lyrics, produced by Steely Dan’s Michael Leonhart. 


Sachal has released three records with the Mack Avenue label. His 2011 release, Hi-Fly, reached #1 on the iTunes Jazz charts.  Produced by John Clayton, it featured vocal legend Jon Hendricks.


Sachal has been touring clubs (i.e. Blue Note, Ronnie Scott’s), theaters (Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall) and festivals (North Sea, Nice Jazz) consistently since 2007.  

When not leading his own groups, he has performed alongside greats like Wynton Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin,  Michael Feinstein and many more.  A frequent collaborator with musicians of all styles, he has two originals on pianist Gerald Clayton’s Life Forum, which was nominated for a 2013 Grammy.


More about Slow Motion Miracles (2015, Sony/Okeh):

As a singular singer-songwriter, Sachal has a sublime Okeh debut, the aptly titled Slow Motion Miracles. It’s a remarkable 10-track album of top-flight songs that are a sensual mix of celebration and wit. The songs move through like a fantasy,  fluid with heartbreak and discovery.

On Slow Motion Miracles, lyrics are a cause for celebration. He approaches typical themes- love, lust, heartbreak - with a rare balance of distance, wit, and a unique optimism.

The lyrics are set in a modern sound, steeped in a variety of styles- but ultimately,Sachal’s style is one-of-a-kind.The sounds envelop his rich vocals and serve his lyrics in a fresh and resonating way.

Slow Motion Miracles: produced by Michael Leonhart in NYC

recorded w/ Sachal - vocals & keyboards & programming . Michael Leonhart - horns, guitars & programming a lot more. Ryan Scott - guitars . Buster Hemphill & David Wong- basses  . Taylor Eigsti & Gerald Clayton- keyboards & piano. Nate Smith & Mark Guiliana- drums. 

©  Background photo by Jennifer Scherler
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