Portrait of David Tixier by the Montreux Jazz TV 2015

  • Prizewinner

    La Défense Jazz Festival 42nd National Contest,


    Paris, (FR)

  • Prizewinner

    ReZZo Focal 

    Jazz A Vienne Festival


    Vienne (FR)

  • 1st Prize

    International JazzHaus Piano Solo Competition 2018,

    Freiburg (GER)

  • 2nd Prize

    International Jazz Soloist Competition of Monaco 2015,

    Monaco (MC)

  • Semi-finalist

    Parmigiani Piano Solo 

     Montreux Jazz Festival 


    Montreux (CH)


    David Tixier is a French piano player, arranger and composer, born in 1989.

    After being in Paris to graduate a Diploma of Music Studies (DEM) at the Conservatoire de Paris (CRR), with as piano professor Benjamin Moussay, he worked, played, and have learned with great Jazz musicians such as Bob Mintzer, Eric Watson, Giovanni Mirabassi, Frank Amsalem or Dado Moroni.

    He continued studies in Lausanne, Switzerland, for a Bachelor in Jazz Composition, and a Master in Performance, with as piano professor Emil Spanyi at the HEMU.

    He played with the New York Voices, Chico Freeman, Sandy Patton, George Robert, Julian Argüelles, François Lindemann, Vinz Vonlanthen, Prabhu Edouard, Sangoma Everett, Guillaume Perret, Amine & Hamza and many more.

    In a complete other style, he's collaborated with the outstanding lyrical singer Carlos Mena for the recording of the album "Under The Shadow" with the Disfonik Orchestra released under the prestigious Mirare French Label.

    In 2018, he graduated a second Master in Jazz Pedagogy at the HKB in Bern, Switzerland. During that time he's learned aside great piano players as Malcolm Braff, Django Bates, Colin Vallon, Bill Carothers, Aki Takase and outside the HKB with Shai Maestro.


    David Tixier was the co-leader and keyboard/piano player of the Swiss trio LESS THAN FOUR since 2013 until 2016,

    In 2013, the trio acts in one scene of the Swiss/French movie L' Amour Est Un Crime Parfait from the Larrieu's Brothers,

    He led also the "Humain Trop Humain Collective" from 2014 to 2016, sponsored by the Montreux Casino Barrière Foundation,

    In May 2015, he creates his own piano solo project, and invites in March 2016 for a couple of original songs the American singer Sachal Vasandani for the album "Substantial Existence, The Giant Corners", (see section "Solo")

    He participated in the international Parmiginai piano solo contest 2015 organised by the Montreux Jazz Festival and won 2 videos productions by the Montreux Jazz TV as a Montreux Jazz Live Artist.

    In February 2016, Tixier started his new acoustic trio project, the "David Tixier Trio", with Lada Obradovic on drums and Jeremy Bruyere on bass.

    The David Tixier Trio has recorded its first album "Universal Citizen" in New York, with Mike Moreno and Sachal Vasandani as guests, mixed and mastered by Ziv Ravitz, under the label Neuklang, (see section "Trio")


    Couple of month after, with Lada Obradovic, they created the Obradovic-Tixier Duo which encounters a great success everywhere in the world during their miscellaneous tours (see section "Duo"),

    In his career, Tixier has collaborated with some of the most famous American Jazz artists of the moment, such as Sachal Vasandani and  Mike Moreno.


    ​As a sideman, David Tixier participates in the Lada Obradovic Project, and was a part of the Pairs et Impairs 7tet of the Swiss bass player Patrick Perrier, in the Red Sun & Baiju Bhatt (album feat. Nguyen Lê), in the Carlos Mena & The Disfonik Orchestra, and in the Valentin Conus 5tet (opening for Shai Maestro Trio at Chateau Rouge, Annemasse, France) in the past few years.


    In March 2017, Tixier releases his new piano solo album "The Giant Corners" featuring Sachal Vasandani, the album was in the Neue Album Bestseller on iTunes and under the label Unit Records (see section "Solo Press"),

    In May 2018, "Universal Citizen" got released under the German label Neuklang and was well congratulated by the Jazz critics such as HiFi Stars, Jazz Podium, Jazz'n More, Piano News among others, (see section "Trio Press ")

    In September 2018, the album "The Portrait Of A Pregnant Bumblebee" from the Lada Obradovic Project is released on Neuklang.




    - Prizewinner of  La Défense Jazz Festival national contest, (Paris, FR) with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,


    - 1st Price of the JazzHaus Piano Competition 2018 in Freiburg im Breisgau, en Allemagne,

    - Prizewinner of  Jazz A Vienne (France) contest with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo (Giovanni Mirabassi as head of the Jury)

    - Prizewinner of Jazz Au Phare "Révélation 2018" with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,

    - Prizewinner of Colmar Jazz Festival with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,

    - 2nd Price of the International American competition "Hit Like A Girl" with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,

    - Best Band Category winner of Made In New York Competition with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,


    - 2nd Price of the Jazz soloist contest of Monaco


    - 1st Jury Price & 1st Public Prix of the « Des Rives Et Des Notes », contest in Oloron Ste Marie, France with  the band Less Than Four,



    - Nominated for the Hopl'Awards 2018 (cultural ceremony for artists in Alsace, France) with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo in the "Group / Solo Artist category"

    - Lauréats JazzUp, Nancy Jazz Pulsations with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo

    - Finalist of the B-Jazz International Contest, held in Leuven, Belgium, with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,


    - Finalist of Made In New York Competition with the Obradovic-Tixier Duo,

    - Finalist for the Lagardère foundation grant 2018 with David Tixier Trio

    - Semi-finalist  of the ZKB Jazz Price, organised by Moods, in Zurich in Switzerland, with the Red Sun & Baiju Bhatt,


    - Finalist of the contest "Jeunes Talents" of the festival "Jazz à Saint Germain Des Prés" in Sunside, Paris with the David Tixier Trio,

    - Finalist of Made In New York competition with the Lada Obradovic Project,

    - Finalist of the ZKB Jazz Price, organised by Moods, in Zurich, Switzerland, with the Lada Obradovic Project.


    - Finalist of « Jazz Avenir » competition organised by Jazz En Baie, France in Normandie with the David Tixier Trio,

    - Finalist of the contest of the festival « Jazz En Ville » in the city of Vannes in Bretagne, with the David Tixier Trio,

    - Semi-finalist of the MATMUT 2016 Price, with the projects: David Tixier Piano Solo and David Tixier Trio,

    - Semi-finalist of the JazzHaus piano solo contest in Freiburg, Germany held by Omer Klein,

    - Semi-finalist of 7 Virtual Jazz Clubs online contest with the David Tixier Trio,

    - Semi-finalist of the B-Jazz contest, in Belgium, with the David Tixier Trio.


    - Semi-finalist of the Piano Solo contest of Montreux « Parmigiani » in Switzerland, held by Yaron Herman,

    - Finalist of the UBS Public Price, organised by the Montreux Jazz Festival and the UBS Swiss bank,


    - Finalist of the international Jazz contest « Europafest » in Bucharest, in Romania with the trio Less Than Four.


    - Finalist  of the piano solo contest « Boris Vian », in Paris, FR.


    Tixier had so far the opportunity to perform in:

    - Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, Ukraine, Romania)

    - USA,

    - Turkey,

    - Uruguay,

    - Philippines 

    - Japan


    David Tixier's projects are sponsored by many foundations such as: 

    - Migros Pourcent Culturel

    - SUISA Foundation

    - S.I.S.

    - Montreux Casino Barrière Foundation

    - ABpi Foundation

    - Pro Helvetia

    - Dérénéaz Foundation

    - Kultur Stadt Bern

    - Kanton Bern

    - Terrévent

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